From its beginning as a small firm in the Pacific Northwest, Wellons has transformed into a truly North American company. While markets expand and new technologies are developed, Wellons and the Wellons Group continue the tradition of providing the highest quality products and services available.

For over 40 years, Wellons has been a leader in providing wood-fired energy systems, lumber dry kilns, and related products and services to the forest products industry. Firmly established and financially sound, we provide our customers with complete services in design, engineering, and manufacturing, as well as installation services and technical assistance.
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  • Since 1984, Wellons FEI has been in the business of supplying you with quality, wood heating systems as well as wood drying and wood boiler equipment. In 2004, Wellons FEI joined the Wellons Group and now services the entire North America market. The kiln product line includes side loading kilns, track kilns and kiln control software for the hardwood and softwood markets. Wellons FEI energy systems provide hot water and low or high-pressure steam for sawmills, municipal buildings and greenhouses.
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  • Salem Equipment has been a premium supplier of sawmill equipment to the softwood and hardwood lumber industry worldwide since 1946. Advanced design and rugged construction have made Salem's products the choice of the world's leading major and independent sawmill operations.
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  • Calling upon their years of experience, the specialists of Wellons RPI have a wide array of industrial services to offer. Whether it is refractory or mechanical services, the fully trained professionals of Wellons RPI will show you why they are the refractory installation specialists.
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  • Wellons maintains manufacturing facilities throughout North America.