Wellons proprietary step grate combustor is custom designed to meet the fuel moisture content and gross combustion input requirements of a project. Wellons step grate was developed in-house, and has been continually upgraded to meet the demanding operating conditions presented by Wellons’ customers. Recent installations of Wellons step grate include a 90MM BTU/hr thermal oil system at Interfor Adams Lake, where the design fuel moisture content was 57% percent wet basis; and a 75MM BTU/hr thermal oil system at Kronospan MDF in Alabama.

The Wellons combustor cell is a proven performer with a thirty year track record in biomass fired installations across North America. The Wellons cell is a vertical refractory lined combustion cylinder with overfeed and underfeed fuel delivery options for green and dry fuel respectively. Available in standard diameters up to 9ft, the modular design of the cell facilitates configuration of as many as six units to satisfy gross combustion inputs up to 500,000 MM BTU/hr.