As a supplier capable of handling dry and wet fuel diets, Wellons Canada has a stable of dry and wet fuel storage solutions. Wellons green hog fuel storage and unloading systems use a live floor design, and feature Wellons hydraulically operated super heavy duty design for high volume discharge rates up to 10,000 green pounds an hour of fuel per unloader assembly. Featuring robust ten inch cylinders, this unloader works in a push configuration to optimize hydraulic forces and minimize operating pressures. Mechanical connections are used to connect the flights to the shaft assembly to eliminate weld fatigue points.

This unloader assembly can be configured as a totally enclosed bin with infeed fuel delivery by roof top conveyor; or as an open bin with fuel delivery by a wheeled loader.

Wellons also has a proprietary line of fuel silos for dry and green fuel storage ranging in size from 20,000 cubic feet to 30,000 cubic feet and can handle and deliver a wide variety of wood fuels to the energy system at a controlled rate.

When using a combination of fuel types, multiple bins can be supplied. With multiple bins, fuel from a dry bin is metered and blended with fuel from a wet bin to obtain an optimal mix for delivery to the furnace.