Wellons Canada proprietary radiant / convective thermal oil heater design is a compact cost effective solution for thermal oil putouts up to 90MM BTU/hr. Compatible with Wellons cell and step grate combustion technologies, the radiant heater section tubes line the walls of the secondary combustion chamber. At the outlet of the radiant section, a single or double section serpentine tube convective heater is located, complete with rotary and retractable soot blowers.

Wellons Canada also supplies helical radiant coil / convective section thermal oil heaters combinations. A recent example is the 75MM BTU/hr biomass fired thermal oil heater supplied to Kronospan MDF in Alabama, which features two helical coil radiant heaters, and a cassette style convective heater.

Wellons project scope typically includes the design and supply of the complete thermal oil system including pumps, expansion tank and dump tanks, and interconnecting piping, and controls.

Thermal Oil Heater Animations:

Radiant Heater

Convective Heater