While contemporary air flow designs for production style kilns in Canada are 1,000 -1,200 fpm, Wellons Canada has supplied high performance kilns for Radiata Pine drying in Australia with exit air velocities of 2,500 feet per minute! Wellons uses 72” 6-blade, 76” 8-blade or 84” 12-blade Smithco fans to achieve its air flow guarantees.

Wellons fans system alternatives are:

  • Cross shaft fan / eave mounted motor configuration where     the drive motor is located at exterior sidewall of the kiln at     the eave level and is accessed from a kiln side platform.
  • Cross shaft fan / peak mounted motor, where the drive motor     is located outside of the kiln at the peak and accessed from     a ridge-mounted aluminum walkway.
  • In-kiln direct drive cross fan configuration.