Wellons proprietary WINKILN control software has it roots in multi-zone design for optimal drying control. WINKILN is a non “black box” technology that uses off-the-shelf OPTO 22 or PLC I/O; or it can be configured using a PLC in a true HMI format. With the ability to control single zone direct fired kilns, or twenty four zone indirectly heated kilns, WINKLIN is the most user friendly and flexible kiln control technology in North America.

Wellons True Capacitance (TCS) in kiln moisture measurement system is the advance that every kiln operator has hoped for; the ability to control kiln schedules based on real time moisture measurement above and below fiber saturation!

TCS uses a series of plates inserted into the lumber charge at eight defined locations, equating approximately 1,000 hot checks, to measure the dielectric capacitance of the wood fiber. Wellons technology uses this dielectric capacitance to equate a moisture content real time, above and below fiber saturation. TCS is fully integrated to WINKILN, allowing the operator to control the schedule on real moisture content including:

  • Advance the schedule segments if the moisturize set point is achieved
  • Extend the schedule segments if the moisture set point is not achieved