To satisfy the broad needs of Wellons Canada’s customers, Wellons has developed a number of kiln structural solutions.

  • Traditional all steel structures.
  • All aluminum structures for use where the wood organics create a corrosive environments; or to prevent structural corrosion when humidification systems are installed in the kiln.
  • Hybrid structures, where aluminum columns may be combined with steel trusses, to prevent column corrosion due to condensation at the lower levels of the kiln chamber.
  • Stainless steel components used in equipment such as steam spray lines, waste boil-off troughs, or condensate return piping to eliminate any possibility of corrosion and eliminate the requirement for repetitive maintenance.
  • Having expended significant resources working with metallurgists to identify the most corrosion resistant aluminum, Wellons has standardized on Grade 1100 aluminum as its kiln cladding material. Wellons panel design uses a continuous connection system throughout the cladding envelope, eliminating any requirement for screwed on flashings that jeopardize the vapor integrity of the enclosure.