With an extensive twenty-five year track record designing, fabricating and installing both gas fired and biomass fired thermal energy systems, Wellons recently entered the oil & gas sector with contracts to supply gas-fired heaters for two projects:

  • Two 14MW gas fired Glycol Heaters c/w Control Rooms for MEG Energy

  • Two 11MM Btu/hr gas fired Glycol Heaters c/w Pumps and Control Room Spectra Energy Transmission

  • Four 60MM Btu/hr PHM Heaters and One 25MM Btu/hr UHM Heater for EnCana

  • A 12MM BTU/hr skid mounted gas fired thermal oil heater for Murphy Oil

  • Two 40MM BTU/hr skid mounted gas fired glycol heaters for crude oil heating project for Enbridge Mainstream

  • Gas fired Thermal Fluid Heaters
    Wellons Canada has designed and supplied gas fired thermal heater projects for close to twenty years, ranging in size from 5MM BTU/hr to 50MM BTU/hr output. Wellons heaters can be horizontal or vertical configurations, and are a double helical coil, triple gas pass design.

    For both oil and gas, and wood sector application, Wellons heaters are typically skid mounted transportable units with integral control cab or building. Wellons scope can also include the primary loop thermal fluid circulation system including pumps, dump tank, expansion tank and tower, and piping. Motor starters and controls are supplied by Wellons and located in the control cab or building.

    Wellons can also provide turnkey installation of its equipment, including foundations, mechanical installation including piping, and electrical installation.

    Waste Heat Recovery Units
    Drawing on its twenty-five years or experience designing, fabricating and installing biomass fired thermal fluid projects as large as 300 MM BTU/hr, Wellons can design, fabricate and install waste heat recovery units for oil and gas facilities and pipeline compressor stations.

    A Wellons project can include:
  • Heat recovery gas ducting, including control dampers and isolation gates

  • Bypass and exhaust stacks

  • Bare or finned tube heat recovery unit

  • All support structures

  • Thermal fluid circulating systems including pumps, dump tank, expansion tank and tower, primary and secondary loop piping

  • Electrical design, field devices, motor control centers, and HMI/PLC control systems

  • Foundations, mechanical and electrical installation

  • Commissioning and start-up

  • Operator training